Running is an art
that helps one to
loose weight and
stress, and helps one
to sleep better

                    It was founded upon the ROCK

Exercising can be
fun, exciting,
sociable and
healthy. Water
speeds recovery.
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Dee Loves  Preparing Healthy Food
The Pose Method of Running .  Run with Gravity, Save Your Joints and Enjoy Life with Physically Correct Running
Health Coach Dee Nicovich with  Dr. Colin
Campbell (Author of the China Study)

When life seems too
big for you. Turn to
the ROCK of Ages.

Massage Therapy is
passive exercise that
relieves stress,
removes waste,
promotes health, plus
is feels good..

Fruits, nuts, grains
and vegetables in
their natural form
produce the
healthiest body.

Prenatal care starts
before you get
pregnant and

Encouragement, fun,
socialization and  
education is
our health
support group
Massage Therapy (Plus Fire Cupping  and Medi Vacuum)  
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